Rick Scarnati, BS, MA, RPT, DO, DLFAPA

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Soul Explosion

Rick Scarnati Soul Explosion Cover


What You'll Find in Soul Explosion

"The fundamental message in Soul Explosion is:
Even though the path before you may look hopeless, with a Christ-Centered Life supercharged by the Holy Spirit, the impossible becomes possible.

Soul Explosion is objective proof of the Fire Power of the Holy Spirit in my Jesus Christ-Centered life. I hope my book will be a Light in global Christian Evangelization." - Dr. Rick Scarnati

Available for purchase from major bookstores and online websites on September 27, 2011. Soul Explosion can also be ordered in paperback or eBook download from Tate Publishing.


My Own Soul Explosion

Besides accomplishing the impossible in my life, I have also had some very extraordinary experiences which I have written about in Soul Explosion:

  • I saw the devil when I was 16.
  • I also had an encounter with an alien life force.
  • I had personal encounters with cults and even completed the basic HAS course in Scientology.

From age 16 on I studied under our neighbor Dr. Jonstantin Jaroshezich. He gave sermons on WPIT in Pittsburgh and worked at the Council of Christian Churches. He had escaped from Russia. His main focus and study was End Times, and because of him I spent all my life studying such. From old texts I discovered the symbols and the exact name of the Beast in Revelation. The problem however was going on the number 666. Now it is know the Beast’s number is not 666, but rather 616, and so all that study may have been for naught.

I love and have studies the Mystics: St. John Of The Cross (The Mystical Doctrine), St. Teresa of Avila (Interior Castles) and especially Thomas A. Kempis, (The Imitation of Christ) one of the most beautiful books of all time. The devil did not like Tom’s book; he had him buried alive. During the middle ages Tom fell into a coma but the people thought he was dead. Unfortunately, he woke up in the coffin after being buried. The church discovered this fact when they dug him up for canonization.

I have had mystical visions of Mary and Jesus. Jesus stands in a meadow with his hands outstretched and Light pours out of him. One night as I was standing in front of him letting his light pour through me, the nails went completely through both my wrists. I was beside myself as you might imagine. I thought I had received the stigmata but I was not in any pain and was not bleeding; however, I questioned: Was this spiritual stigmata? Hopefully for me it may mean I have a deeper relationship with my shepherd king. 



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